Family Dinner

Typical dinner small talk.
‘Auntie dearest, so glad you survived’ said Alex solemnly.
‘Ho, but I’m all better now thanks to your half-baked brother not finishing me off properly’ her smile spoke volumes.
‘but Auntie innocent until proven guilty’ Alex replied coyly.

Family, I love and hate them under these twinkling lights.

Inspired by Grammar Ghoul Shape-Shifting 13: 56


Witch Hunting

Damp sticks, and a looming dark sky only made the mob grimmer. Round about her the rioters grew louder, drowning her screams. ‘Spare me, preacher I claim sanctuary’, she screamed.

‘Witches have no sanctuary’ he said lighting the bonfire. ‎

Inspired by:

WPC: Spare

Grammar Ghoul Shape-Shifting 13: 55


Her Seasons

Warm, soft glows to harsh, cold gazes
She meets me right here every cycle
Waiting with open arms wearing her favourite colours
Eventually I will wither, all hope gone
Ravaged by her eternal cycle
I worry if she will even notice I’m gone
when my shadow no longer greets her every rising?

The Hungry ferris wheel

Run, Run to the old amusement park sally,
        when you enter play and play.
            Ride all around but not the round one.
                One ride that's all she chimed.
                    And around she went 12 times.
                       One more ride, one more ride she said.
                          Now sally's new home goes round and round,
     hungry for another.