Kaleidoscope of Love

The colours,
Oh the colours spread across the pitch black city sky, red, orange shooting dragons. The kaleidoscope of fireworks warmed my heart, just like thoughts of her.
Turning to kiss her soft hair, looking into her eyes I know I’ll only see the world from now on through the colours of love. She was my sight and all I need to see a brighter world.


Settling Sounds

Round and round
Spinning, screeching and gritty
Through smooth and rough
It takes you through, regardless
Desirous of nothing but
Simple attention, water and oil
Sometimes a doctor’s visit is required
Cheaply healing, at their own personal cost
It’s errors all at the doorstep of its owner
It’s doesn’t forgive,
neither needing apologies
A simple machine, imbued with so many parts
A simple mission, so many paths
Do we even care for the sounds,
settling sounds dispelled after a mission
To get us there in good time.


Aged Love


Breathing the frozen air, my rustling footsteps the only sign of life in this forgotten garden of time, green aged stones and twisted trees with a sea of leaves as its carpet. I know my spot despite my eyes, as I touch flashes of our past and countless others blend in. Holding my breath, breathing in the sweet nostalgia of forgotten love.
This time ‘79 you were on your knees before me, tears spill even now to wash my worn ring. Encrusted with our names. I feel your love as I did then,but this approaching darkness holds a comfort I need. The thoughts of you gone invoke the darkness I feel. I have aged, so has our garden. I will wait till death comes my love, till I call your name out loud for the last time.

Written for Friday Frictioneers Challenge

QuickSilver John

Quick, slick John as he was called, a playboy. Today the day to close the books on her, she was dry. Cutting ties was necessary.
He steps out the building and a voice simply said; that is him. The beginning of the end, his lover was the Admiral’s blood.
John knew life as he knew it was over, as quickly as he lived. Just like quicksilver.

In Honour of Mothers

Selflessness comes in so many shapes
The hero’s, the enforcers, the leaders, the pioneers
But a special breed of selfless heros will be celebrated today
To be born a woman means you have the capacity
To infinitely love without condition
A task bestowed on their strong shoulders
Carry the future
Nurture the future
For we must continue to create
They get no war badges, despite their daily wars
They get no help, despite the herculean task ahead
Their only price, pay them regard and thought
A simple price to pay for innumerable duties
To all mothers and mothers to be yet unborn
Carry your torch high cause there’s no being like you
Happy mothers day

Love in the cardboard box

…Drip, Drip goes the sound of rain, the second today, staring at the wet spots growing on our little cardboard ceiling, I can’t help but think will our home last the night.
I shiver involuntarily remembering how the cold wet night will feel, I laugh; dreading that outcome seemed so pointless if it came then ill face it.
Staring down at her in my arms dregs of wistful thoughts are pushed aside as she turns fitfully in my arms. I move my legs a bit making more room in this cramp but she awakens anyway.
She turns to face me, she is pretty in a simple way wearing a worn old jacket and boy jeans, with a dust coloured thin blanket salvaged from a lucky dumpster dive wrapped around her.

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Skeleton landscape

Skeleton Landscape

My breathe comes in shallow bursts, each draw giving my brain clarity, the shadow claws of pain lingering,
waiting, waiting for me to be fully conscious.
I look up into the dazzlingly light, having no need to see my sticky, wet hands against my open side. Suddenly it’s dark and eerie quiet, straining my hearing as my eyes go dark. I know there was a chopper close by scanning for survivors. Its lights awoke me from the darkness.

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Break Point

Break Point

Breathe, breathe frail body of mine. Lying down staring into my heart I can see my life in view. So like a surgeon I zoom into those moments I need to disentangle.
Music floats in and out of my mind easing the momentary pain of reaching in to sever these acursed bonds that have form once more, no one but I can hurt and ease my pain……River by Imagine Dragons…so nostalgic yet so new I can feel my pain numb at the words that float through my mind, sleep come and keep me company it’s what I desire so badly now.

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