Inner Harley

Awake and sleepless Damn her, fisting my hands at her sulky costumed form
Now I’m awake What?
Write, write, WRITE. Chaos, Blood, gore, give it life.
Her chippy voice and distant hair bells propel my limbs, my inner harley. My best motivator.



Midnight Snack

In my sleep my nose twitched continuously, the smell making my dry mouth drool mercilessly. I knew the way, few moments after and my body was at the table, a huge slice of bacon flavoured Frittata awaited me.
Shoving mouthfuls in between moans of pleasure from my palate. I pull my gaze up to see a wide tooth grin in the wall mirror.
A bodiless grin.

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Winter Fire

Temperature under the zeros, white out for miles around, best place to be in the world. Right beside Jamie in his hot-tub. His winter escape perched on snow dunes overseeing a steel-thick ice lake.
48hrs ago i couldn’t have imagined this.
Relaxed under his dreamy touch. Lifting my hands, drawing him close in the same motion i aim to return the favour.
His eyes fluttered every time i swept my sponged hands over his lower back.
“Ovie, you really shouldn’t tempt my resolve right here and now”, smiling swooningly as he stirs upright to look me in the eyes.

Word Count – 99 words
Image courtesy Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

Silent Save

Caressing the engine block, “Our Sundays were always spent over this”.
Dad,”Son please pass me the crank?.”
“Yes, dad.”
It’s delicious weight balances out my arm.

Creak, creak, creak.

Son,”dad what will happen if ……..”
I added too much pressure and a stray bolt careens over my shoulder
Craig fell a .22 still in hand, with a dripping hole in his forehead.

Written for the Grammar Ghoul: Chimera 66 writing challenge

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Doors of Magic

Sally, a little girl with big dreams in a little seaside town. As she runs by my house everyday from school her florescent red hair trails behind, I’ve always dreamed of getting a chance to look into her forest green eyes and ask her out but who is a baker’s son to ask the red beauty who reminds me so much of the Mermaids of old legends.
“Christopher” loud shrieks come from my mom in the kitchen.
Damn she knows I’m day-dreaming again. Sigh, if only i could steal a kiss, I wistfully wished aloud and dash downstairs. Continue reading “Doors of Magic”

Dusty Ride

Sneezing right now just might damage my brain cells and clothes. John’s nose crinkles and the sneeze is snuffed. Looking around at his sleep cabin mates, his young dusty skin shines in the array of old and weathered men strewn asleep on the floor.
Every morning i go to the mines in this train, the horizon doesn’t change, dawn or dusk irrelevant to my miner eyes. I can’t help but think maybe I’ll end up like them, stuck in time. The endless vicious cycle of this ghostly outback town in Australia’s huge dust bowl.
His mind whispers; “Jump off now”.

Word Count: 100
Written for Friday Fictioneers: 10 APRIL 2015

Blood Curtain

Maybe it’s just me, but this feeling. So warm so right, why i didn’t do this sooner seemed insane. My white twine gown now has a curtain of red from my abdomen down. My torn hands and grim smile completes the look
CRASH. Alice stumbles through the door, her bloodcurdling screams of horror and angst at my spilling innards completes my dead fall into complete darkness.


Hot sweltering peaceful summer, a sigh floats off my content lips. 160 degree prone on the warm deck chair, the distance cries of laughter seep through my sleep drawn ears. OMMPH, is all i could muster.
The pain of ground slaps my eyes open. without a thought i scream. Continue reading “Peek-A-Boo”

Silvery Death

Strength, grace with shoulders of steel like the great wildebeest. Baron Shiznir looks down on his sovereign, the glow of the million candles dance on golden walls. The storm outside of no relevance to his daughter’s débutante ball.
A figure hugs the arch entrance stealthy. Lightning illuminates silver eyes that lock with the baron. His heart stops, his face drained of blood screams; No. NOT NOW.

Written for the Chimera 66 Writing Challenge, click the badge to see other great entries.