Gambling Gargoyle

Ten quid and all the rotten luck in this world, ends me with the short stick at the devils table. Almost down to my birthday suit losing ghastly at poker to a weathered old gargoyle in my living room.
My luck couldn’t get any worse.
3 hrs before.
Walking into my little apartment block at the corner of 3rd and 6th street. The sweet sticky smell of the bakery on the ground floor wet my appetite sorely. Luckily my night-time job pay was right at hand, today i cant taste my early morning torment.
Stepped in, open the windows, run water for a bath and cook breakfast. My 15 min routine every morning.
Lady luck steps in right at the end. As my toast popped outta the machine to a little chime. I had a wistful thought. Maybe just maybe, the grey time beaten gargoyle will come in and play a game with me.
Here we are now. I, almost naked wishing on a game with a mystical creature.
My last draw of the game; an Ace of hearts, king of hearts, Jack of spades, 7 club and 3 spades. Take a gamble for me,did I win or lose?

Inspired by The Blog Propellant: Picture Prompt 20


Silence of Glyjun

The vast room was dark and quiet, save the repeated hum of machines. Screens and wires tangled with no beginning or end. From the doorway I could see far in, to the extreme right where Holo screens with unknown symbols. My target was the dim glowing tube at the end of the room. Standing 9 feet and wide enough for two human specimens. It held only a tiny figure barely half a man. Traversing the room in silence was tasking, with so many things strewn on the floor I still couldn’t see why they left in a hurry. Even someone’s lunch lay rotting beside one of the many screens.
Finally I draw close to the pale floating figure, its eyes where open staring right at me. Beads of sweat creased my brow as I walked round the tube. I felt his eyes on me even with its back to me. Continue reading “Silence of Glyjun”

Mary’s Wish

Mary would have spent time in jail if she hadn’t escaped in her bicycle time machine.

Her escape was impossible at best, stuck in her minute bathroom on the 5th floor with her bicycle in the tub but nonetheless the impossible has been known to happen. It always happens to Mary.
It’s simple really, she was the world’s worst villain, a Destroyer of Life was the title the papers gave her. How could someone so simple be so evil,it made everyone eerily uncomfortable.
Mary became a villain worthy of admiration because of a simple act.
She wished all the flowers that made her sneeze would disappear. Simple ain’t it.
Evil is the word, half the flowers on earth create pollen that would make anyone sneeze and that is how the world lost half it’s flowers.
A new word was coined to commemorate the impossible; Lackadaisical which means a shortage/ disappearance of flowers.
In a simply evil wish the world as we know it will end, no flowers means no bees, no bees means no food.
Ponder on it folks, cause we are at the pivotal end of civilization. It was nice knowing you and it was nice to have lived during the good years.
Oblivion and mayhem awaits once the realization hits.
And it’s only hours away.

Inspired by the crazily good prompts of THE BLOG PROPELLANT: Word Association.

I See Red

My blood rage increases ever so little ever so often. When ever I have those thoughts, raging blood courses through my limbs giving the euphoria of flight that doesn’t exist.
A flood of thoughts but one focus. Destroy It. A ghost that seeks essence, groping translucent hands squeeze my heart strings with precision. Every chord flowing down into my soul.
It’s tendrils sunken deep within my skin tear me from the inside.
I’m I afraid of bleeding, yes. Should I bleed, yes.
To purge, to starve this intrepid monster.
My last chance to save my sanity before the darkness of wrong desires dye my heart’s sight broken.

                      Andy Towsend- Darkside Thursday


‘Lissy, Lissy full of pleases
She would stare at the horizon all day
Amber rays and cool sprays the high of her day
When the tsunami came
She surfed that wave like no other
Our Golden retriever
With a golden soul
Her shadow has its place on our porch
One and only Lissy
Thank you for all the beach fun
…….’ My pen scrawls lines as she tilts my swing with her weight
A little crash later, I’m on the floor.
Oh Lissy.’ I peeled my eyes open to see her over my face tongue out, couldn’t help but grin. Time for your beach walk right. her bouncy tail and leash in mouth told me everything. Wresting my poem from beneath her tail, took me but a minute to get ready.
I tac my poem to the fridge, wistfully turning away to guide the inspiration of my poem to her favourite beach, and sunset.

Picture Prompt courtesy The Blog Propellant: Picture Prompt 9

Doors of Magic

Sally, a little girl with big dreams in a little seaside town. As she runs by my house everyday from school her florescent red hair trails behind, I’ve always dreamed of getting a chance to look into her forest green eyes and ask her out but who is a baker’s son to ask the red beauty who reminds me so much of the Mermaids of old legends.
“Christopher” loud shrieks come from my mom in the kitchen.
Damn she knows I’m day-dreaming again. Sigh, if only i could steal a kiss, I wistfully wished aloud and dash downstairs. Continue reading “Doors of Magic”


Hot sweltering peaceful summer, a sigh floats off my content lips. 160 degree prone on the warm deck chair, the distance cries of laughter seep through my sleep drawn ears. OMMPH, is all i could muster.
The pain of ground slaps my eyes open. without a thought i scream. Continue reading “Peek-A-Boo”