My Heroine

My Heroine 

Heroes don’t always wear capes
Heroes don’t always have special powers
Heroes do what no one else will do

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Elegy: Fog

My task yesterday on The Daily Post’s Writing 201: Poetry is to write on Fog, the poetry form is Elegy.

Fog of the Future

The fog of my future
Thick and un-dissipating

You shroud my way
Unveiling only at the right moment

The turn I must make
To the top of the mountain

Where I will shine
Just like a billion other stars

Living each day
Waiting sunrise to sunrise

For the moment
My legs leave earth with rocket speed

At the crest of the mountain
Facing only the sea of clouds as my audience.



Concrete Poetry: Reflection

Day 4 and our muse on Writing 201: Poetry is Concrete poetry with Enjambment as the device of choice.


big, cold
like shards
falling heavily
from the ash grey
skies.The temperature
was perfect, the atmosphere
all but sparkled with electricity. She
walks back straight, taking long strides. Her
perfect figure peeking beneath her long coat, the only
colour on her black ensemble are her crimson thin lips.
Dodging puddles on ground. Head bent as though searching
earnestly. I’ve found you she said with triumph as she stops
in front of a small round puddle perfectly reflecting the street
sign which read ; Mirror Road.
Softly singing an ethereal song, she gently bends forward
touching the puddles taut surface gently. It shivers ever
so slightly. Yes, her only thought. Standing upright
head held high her song floats off her ruby lips,
hands outstretched on either side of her,
she steps in the center
of it.

Lifting her other leg, all I saw was she became transparent then faded away. As though she didn’t exist, as though I saw a reflection in my mind.

Belated Valentine

It’s the weekend of St Valentine’s day. Everywhere people are gifting and receiving gifts in return, the colour red coats the city like a sea of blood.

Maybe it’s overrated, maybe I’m just not getting the point. What then is the real reason for the celebrated day?

If your gift is late;  maybe he doesn’t love you as much, when her gift gets to her late; I hope she doesn’t get mad at me. The stench of sex and lust, so strong even the animals cannot evade it. He thinks; hope she agrees tonight after I give her the gifts, she thinks; I hope he is worth putting my body on the line.

Buy your happiness and misery in a box, it’s more of a lottery than most people think.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.