Every step puts me no closer.



My City, My Muse

Passing through pre-dawn Ajah
The mist swirls low, and cold it’s white clutches hiding the glows of dawn
I see a lowly hawker girl, lost in thought
head bowed reminiscing far and unknown things
The swirls of her yellow lycra skirt beckon
the brightest colour in this dreary grey backdrop,
White egerts soar over head looking down
Begger boys, asleep in the streaked wheelchairs atop the concrete sidewalk
Their sleep so peaceful, innocence hovers over their closed and weary heads like a beaten saint Continue reading “My City, My Muse”

Mary’s Wish

Mary would have spent time in jail if she hadn’t escaped in her bicycle time machine.

Her escape was impossible at best, stuck in her minute bathroom on the 5th floor with her bicycle in the tub but nonetheless the impossible has been known to happen. It always happens to Mary.
It’s simple really, she was the world’s worst villain, a Destroyer of Life was the title the papers gave her. How could someone so simple be so evil,it made everyone eerily uncomfortable.
Mary became a villain worthy of admiration because of a simple act.
She wished all the flowers that made her sneeze would disappear. Simple ain’t it.
Evil is the word, half the flowers on earth create pollen that would make anyone sneeze and that is how the world lost half it’s flowers.
A new word was coined to commemorate the impossible; Lackadaisical which means a shortage/ disappearance of flowers.
In a simply evil wish the world as we know it will end, no flowers means no bees, no bees means no food.
Ponder on it folks, cause we are at the pivotal end of civilization. It was nice knowing you and it was nice to have lived during the good years.
Oblivion and mayhem awaits once the realization hits.
And it’s only hours away.

Inspired by the crazily good prompts of THE BLOG PROPELLANT: Word Association.