Origin Story: Yuri

Her life, has been safe and smooth a blessing by all accounts. A clear ripple free bubble through which she sees the world, learning to see and observe is now so innate that no one is indispensable and nothing is permanent.

Growing up, grade school was just like a giant ant farm. The oversized outfit didn’t help to make any real friends so all the mass of classmates and schoolmates were simply for entertainment as she stood in the background staring at her peers feeling pain, rejection, elation and foolish love. Never feeling in sync as if her time flowed a little differently.

A child who knew how to hold the scale of emotion, observing even in her own skin, you could really say that she held the keys to cynicism. 
All that’s missing is the desire to feel alive, to feel passion for someone or something. Waiting, simply waiting to be rescued from her perfectly insulated bubble…………
What do you think she needs in her life?

Image Credit : Pixabay.com


Family Dinner

Typical dinner small talk.
‘Auntie dearest, so glad you survived’ said Alex solemnly.
‘Ho, but I’m all better now thanks to your half-baked brother not finishing me off properly’ her smile spoke volumes.
‘but Auntie innocent until proven guilty’ Alex replied coyly.

Family, I love and hate them under these twinkling lights.

Inspired by Grammar Ghoul Shape-Shifting 13: 56