Silence of Glyjun

The vast room was dark and quiet, save the repeated hum of machines. Screens and wires tangled with no beginning or end. From the doorway I could see far in, to the extreme right where Holo screens with unknown symbols. My target was the dim glowing tube at the end of the room. Standing 9 feet and wide enough for two human specimens. It held only a tiny figure barely half a man. Traversing the room in silence was tasking, with so many things strewn on the floor I still couldn’t see why they left in a hurry. Even someone’s lunch lay rotting beside one of the many screens.
Finally I draw close to the pale floating figure, its eyes where open staring right at me. Beads of sweat creased my brow as I walked round the tube. I felt his eyes on me even with its back to me. Continue reading “Silence of Glyjun”

Two Score and Counting

Down the colonnade, she strolled humming my song. Every evening I watch as she sings her way into my soul, she looks so carefree. An oasis of calm in the hurried crowd milling tonight. She stops barely a feet away, I can hear my breathing. The evening breeze twines her perfume past me.
Is this the night I speak to my beloved?
I’ve thought of so many ways, each sillier than the last. Watching and waiting for weeks, my stay was at a end. I will be on the next boat home on the morrow, it was now or never.
It feels just like yesterday, as we walk hand in hand down the colonnade, her hearty laughter still makes my heart skip; 42 years and i wish to do it all over again. We do this every decade or so.Me: I cant wait for another decade Lucy.

Lucy: Huh? Jeff what are you talking about. She bends towards a purple window lily.
These are so beautiful Jeff.
Me: Just like you always are dear.She always laughs, i want to hear this forever.

PHOTO PROMPT- © Sandra Crook


The Trenchers Trio

Gritty, choking hot sand funnels down my throat ridding on the back of the transport.
La Toren shimmering in the distance dunes, the occasional Truck mark we passed hinted at the distance left. It was truck-mania city, any petrol head worth their weight came here to get their fix. I could feel the adrenaline already, fuel hazes, dusty rings and the sweat slicked tattoos shinning from the stands.
Our approach of the town gate grinds to a sharp halt. Right on the causeway, a trio of Inked Trucks, hoods permanently ground shoved. A mere half of the shells grazed our dust reddened sight.

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Birthday Flight

“Delphine always wanted to pilot her father’s plane and when he forgot his keys on her tenth birthday, she knew that taking off would be easy.” she had practiced this day all year round, memorizing how he did everything. Sneaking from home was easy, everyone gone to get things for the party that was to hold on the runway.

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