Writing 101: Word Prompt and Quote

Day 3 of Writing 101 called for Word Prompts I picked three words; Secret, Uncertainty and Love while Day 7 referred to use of quotes. Sometimes on their own or to build up a post. I combined both as a fun way to catch-up to the assignments.
Your comments on this piece are very welcome 🙂

The Uncertainty of Secret Love

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
Dr. Seuss

It starts simple. A random thought here and there, the sprinkling of love seeds. The slow build of the almost sacred halo around him. The feeling of he can do no wrong and everything right. Slowly the tendrils grow watered by his special smile, scent and passionate words.
Then you wake one morning and he is first on your lips as you greet the morning rays.
The trap has been set.
With horror you realise, as he smiles at you from across, that simple gesture rings bells and butterflies do twisty air flips in your chest.
You are hooked, it’s fills your nights with dreamy highs and awful lows.
Some days you think today maybe he will really see you specially and there are those days that hiding in the earth just wouldn’t justify your pain.
We are just friends is all you need to hear from his lips over a joke to bring the cascade of painful heart tugs.
You think one day you’ll speak up one day you’ll summon the courage to let your heart’s voice out, to stop crushing inside while you smile sweetly and simply.

* * * * * * *
Days, weeks into months. They said it was infatuation, it wouldn’t last give it time.
You’ve counted the minutes and months, the butterflies still reside inside not for one day abating in their heart torment.
The day arrives not any different from yesterday, he takes you to your favourite spot. Orders what you both love, smiles at you and the flutters in your heart build slowly. The sweat in your hands just wouldn’t go, hand fists become involuntary.
The feeling of soaring and falling come in torrents, you know he is getting ready to say something important.
What, dear Lord. What will he say, what will I do if it’s the thought I cannot bear to dwell on.
He stops laughing, looks at you across the table and smiles. His lips part, words float across the air between. Your lungs and heart cease.
Him: Hale, I Really L . . .


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