The Reason I Hold A Pen

In my world i’m the superhero and the super villain. I can be as powerful as I wish or as normal so as to blend in on a really stormy day but even in my fantasy world I make mistakes. My short comings still followed me into my dream world, those feisty little green imps. Maybe it’s cause I’m human and will always have shortcomings. I write for so many reasons sometimes it’s to tell myself I can be so much more and I can do anything I make up my mind to do just like my fictional self.
Above all I have a simple saying to sum up all the reasons and moods I write in;

I write to gain clarity of mind ,
To sustain my fountain of youth
Which is imagination.

The topic for Monday on Writing 101 was – Why do you write? My name is Ruby (my online alias) for all intents and purposes and in my mind Dragon riders exist and the world as you know it no longer exists. So tell me why do you write?

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