Gambling Gargoyle

Ten quid and all the rotten luck in this world, ends me with the short stick at the devils table. Almost down to my birthday suit losing ghastly at poker to a weathered old gargoyle in my living room.
My luck couldn’t get any worse.
3 hrs before.
Walking into my little apartment block at the corner of 3rd and 6th street. The sweet sticky smell of the bakery on the ground floor wet my appetite sorely. Luckily my night-time job pay was right at hand, today i cant taste my early morning torment.
Stepped in, open the windows, run water for a bath and cook breakfast. My 15 min routine every morning.
Lady luck steps in right at the end. As my toast popped outta the machine to a little chime. I had a wistful thought. Maybe just maybe, the grey time beaten gargoyle will come in and play a game with me.
Here we are now. I, almost naked wishing on a game with a mystical creature.
My last draw of the game; an Ace of hearts, king of hearts, Jack of spades, 7 club and 3 spades. Take a gamble for me,did I win or lose?

Inspired by The Blog Propellant: Picture Prompt 20

2 thoughts on “Gambling Gargoyle

  1. This is why I create Picture Prompts: Everybody sees something different in a picture. I really enjoyed this and especially love that you imagined a strip poker game with a gargoyle!

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