Silence of Glyjun

The vast room was dark and quiet, save the repeated hum of machines. Screens and wires tangled with no beginning or end. From the doorway I could see far in, to the extreme right where Holo screens with unknown symbols. My target was the dim glowing tube at the end of the room. Standing 9 feet and wide enough for two human specimens. It held only a tiny figure barely half a man. Traversing the room in silence was tasking, with so many things strewn on the floor I still couldn’t see why they left in a hurry. Even someone’s lunch lay rotting beside one of the many screens.
Finally I draw close to the pale floating figure, its eyes where open staring right at me. Beads of sweat creased my brow as I walked round the tube. I felt his eyes on me even with its back to me.Rounding the front, a voice speaks.
“Now you are here ask.”
My flinch was on instinct couldn’t help myself, and it repeated.
“Now you are here ask.”
I really couldn’t resist, what are u?
“I exist to remember the forgotten.”
“What happened that they left?” , gesturing to the silent room.
It’s eyes flickered for a second as though in jest.
“They found out something too important for their limited minds.”
As I roamed the screens I added causally.
‘I guess they are all dead’
“Yes. Their brains melted while still alive. A most fitting end to the greed for knowledge.”The sarcasm was heavy, this was no mound of flesh. It could breath, it reeked of intelligence and its sarcasm meant a sense of humour and being.
Eyes trailed me as I tried to make sense of the Holo screen closest to me.
‘you already know what I came to ask’
I met it’s eyes. For the briefest moment, dragging my eyes back to the screen I felt a twinge of anger.
No I came here for something important, this is not the place for regret.
“You said ask, now for my real question. Who ended the Glynians?”
I was expecting a long answer I got one. A short one.
The ringing wouldn’t stop, my slacked jaw reflecting back at me in the glass. My hands were already on the glass in an instant. Through clench teeth I screamed.
“Who are you to do this!!!!”
Moving for the first time it stretches what looks to be a hand with no fingers. It gripes my wrist. Clammy, and cold with not a drop of water. I had misjudged it to be floating in clear fluid, it was but it wasn’t. In a moment images and voices rush through my mind in a blur, I experienced scenes and learnt so much.


Ouch, my head hurt right behind my eyes I recall this feeling from watching my screen round the clock. A nagging pain came center fore, I was lying on the most uncomfortable bed maybe I was drunk again. No doubt another bad day. Peeling my eyes open it rushes back in. I was still in the empty room. Prone before it, my limbs where numb and my brain heavy. Despite all, I couldn’t shake the perfect picture it painted in my head. The unsuspecting System brought down by the perfect play of imperfect pawns. My pain equaled my awe as I replayed the game that brought Glyjun bleeding on Her knees.
The cast couldn’t have been more ridiculous, The Robot who couldn’t leave any stone un-turned, at home in Intelligence. The perfect pawn to garner information for the resistance . The warrior pawn, an Imbued Alien who found nothing easy about a piece of cake but took down the most easterly garrison single-handedly during the border war.
An imbued ship designed with intrinsic knowledge formerly discarded to roam space, tethered as the perfect escape to which it found as no joke. To a medieval knightoid searching for his end in a worthy battle, the rightful leader of the resistance. The pawns so flawed yet fitting perfectly into the already rotten system like keys.
Glyjun fell piece by piece on the inside, the wars fought I see now could never have saved us.
Our race was dead, just waiting on her final curtain call which his last and vilest pawn provided. The perfect domino, a gifted brain research surgeon who didn’t flinch at designing the perfect disease for his kind. Designing the perfect disease as a cure for a common ailment.


I’ve gotten it all but one, when, how, who, why. What to do with this, all this my previously endless options dwindled as I stared in defeat. The bile just wouldn’t settle, its gleaming multiple eyes daring me to act. Do I do the unthinkable?

Inspired by the TheBlogPropellant: Idiomatic


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