A Thousand Panes

Dry crackles of brown sand echo with his footsteps. Out here on the Aplerilia plains people don’t go wondering around at night excerpt it’s life and death.
It was definitely the other.

Death’s scythe hung on Brennan the Smile’s neck the sweat of the humid night felt like slick cuts, he didn’t know how long but he knew how. Federation cops had him cornered on this radioactive scorched ball. Prison was a hopeful ending he knew he was way past. The only meaning left was at the bottom of his sling bag. Clear white panes, number in the hundreds, angled just right forming the perfect round fit in his hands. It was uncannily warm, it was really what they said. The thought swelling uncontrollably as he couldn’t phantom the lives he heard so minute, easily crushable
This is what power meant then, holding lives in his hand to do as he damn pleased. the whirling thoughts widening his smoothed face, the best stolen credits could buy. Holding it up to the clear night, its faint glow shadowing his face. Head skyward in silent prayer, his perpetual smile in shadow with hands raised a worth offering for his sins. A prison world for the scum of the federation.
 Hulking down unto the sand dunes, the nights wind was cool, crisp and quiet. I could hear with my heart the tunes playing, the dancing girl in the street corner, home was home no matter where you were. This damn prisoner was holding him back from his home celebrations but no more. The sand felt warm as I settled my shielded belly down. I needed a true aim, clean and quick. Bearing down on him through my scope, his lips moved as though in prayer. It was true then Majenians knew when death was near no matter where. His lips ceased, a clear click was all I heard as his body crumpled. The pane orb faintly glowed as it fell back, his pooling blood staining its timeless panes.
A more ironic fate, as it contained the vilest creatures that stained our empire crimson.

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