Zeus Mistake

Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it. Gaea’s betrayal and conspiracy with Hera will not go unpunished. Firstly he would let her feel his hate from the heavens. Dawn approaches with storm clouds gathering, Gaea rises from a tortured dream awaiting the refreshing rain to cleanse her mind.

Clear still drops fell, slowly.

Screams rent the air as a torrent of clear sticky drops gushed from the heavens. Her desired rain turned to a flood of clear spittle.
The only words on her scarlet twisted lips. A game so foul, conspiring with Poseidon to taint the rain with hateful slimy drops. Deceptive thunder rolled in the distance, careful taunts Gaea understood. She retreats to the underground springs to be freed of Zeus hate rain.


Revenge the only focus as she descends to the dark realms. A cold whisper of words travel through the void straight into Hades waiting ears. A grim torn smile lights the darkness at her plan.

Written for Mondays Finish The Story: 8th June 2015. Click the link to see other great entries.
Photo courtesy Barbara W. Beacham © 2015


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