Angel Crew

The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.
Heading out into the raging monster on Glen Avenue. I watched as Gary the last to board the truck, waved goodbye while gingerly hanging over the side. His ever wide grin so distinct under his Yellow Fire-fighters Hat.
I’m chief but every time my boys head out I say a little prayer underneath my bold face.
On instinct I retreat into the building walking to my well lit corner office on the 2nd floor overlooking the busy street. Glancing at my first crew shots of so long ago, Bier, Smith, Lex, Cole, the entire crew and I the newbie of Angel Flame 1986.
All gone but I and a handful. My sarcastic laugh echoes emptily as I imagined what our 15 strong crew has been reduced to, old men and lots in the town cemetery.

Inspired by a prompt on Mondays Finish The Story.



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