‘Lissy, Lissy full of pleases
She would stare at the horizon all day
Amber rays and cool sprays the high of her day
When the tsunami came
She surfed that wave like no other
Our Golden retriever
With a golden soul
Her shadow has its place on our porch
One and only Lissy
Thank you for all the beach fun
…….’ My pen scrawls lines as she tilts my swing with her weight
A little crash later, I’m on the floor.
Oh Lissy.’ I peeled my eyes open to see her over my face tongue out, couldn’t help but grin. Time for your beach walk right. her bouncy tail and leash in mouth told me everything. Wresting my poem from beneath her tail, took me but a minute to get ready.
I tac my poem to the fridge, wistfully turning away to guide the inspiration of my poem to her favourite beach, and sunset.

Picture Prompt courtesy The Blog Propellant: Picture Prompt 9

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