Teary Tap

‘Important question. Who guards a mouldy old tap with 2 slim green 3 headed hydras?
Answer: my nice neighbour Mr Stile.
Of course not everyone can see them just my family on the street and anyone else with elf blood. I’ve only seen him at the tap once tho Puri. Knae’s ice coloured eyes reassured me. 3 months back at 12 midnight he came out walked passed the guard animals and got 3 drops from the tap. 3 DROPS!!!!
I just have to know Puri.’ Furring his brows into a puppy look. Knae came closer begging me intensely with his eyes.’

‘OK,ok Knae. On one condition.’ His subdued throat growl told me he didn’t like my but. ‘We find out and do nothing when we know what it is’

‘But Puri…?’ Knae’s voice grew persistent

My hands in the air paused him. ‘Yes Knae, i know’

6 hrs later i felt i should have been more specific. We broke though the wards, put the hydra to sleep and then…..
I had to say it. ‘Knae we have to tell your parents’.
His shocked look belied mine, as we turned back to what used to be the leaky tap.
Now a grown lady mermaid bound to the wall, her green green eyes 
pleading for mercy.

Written for the Friday Fictioneers, check out other posts HERE.
Image courtesy Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

NOTE: I loved the storyline too much to stick to the advised 100 word count. My Apologies.


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