Doors of Magic

Sally, a little girl with big dreams in a little seaside town. As she runs by my house everyday from school her florescent red hair trails behind, I’ve always dreamed of getting a chance to look into her forest green eyes and ask her out but who is a baker’s son to ask the red beauty who reminds me so much of the Mermaids of old legends.
“Christopher” loud shrieks come from my mom in the kitchen.
Damn she knows I’m day-dreaming again. Sigh, if only i could steal a kiss, I wistfully wished aloud and dash downstairs.

Wisps of white sparkles dance off the wall and out my window.

Nightfall creeps up on me, as i lay my bed for the night. The scene outside my window grabs my heart and slams it into my guts. I hear a faint gasp, realising its me but my eyes cannot tear themselves from him. Sitting with impudence outside my window, On the fragile wires strung above the street with paper lanterns swinging in the wind. His eyes glint like a bemused cat, tweed jacket, ink black pants and shoes compliment his weird battered umbrella that screamed magic. It positively throbbed with it. His rapping on my window snaps me out of my reverie,
“Wont you let me in boy”, He says with a dashing smile.
Fumbling with the locks took an eternity but it was done, before i could step back he floating in above my head. Squeezing my eyes, I shall not contemplate how he did that considering my window was a slit in the shell of our battered house.
“So you wish to kiss Sally”.
I flustered and swung around. “How did you know that”, after that left my mouth i slapped my inner self. A stranger jumps into your room and all you can ask is why he knows your whimsical wish, Christopher your mother would be horrified. Softly chiding myself under my breath. In a blink he is beside my reading table, strewn with drawings of sally and my undone school work.
“My name is Mr Snowdon, Arundel Snowdon at your service. I eavesdropped on you today as i flew past and i will grant you your wish. Good pick, Sally is a great girl and quite a beauty”,
Those words made his eyes twinkle as they suddenly appeared over me. I was in a daze, magic was real. That meant mermaids where real. My frozen mind was reeling having a hard time processing this man. His world was real, and i realised i wanted to be in it. The desire was so strong i choked.
“Christopher, time waits for no one. Will you take this adventure with me? Believe I’m real and anything is possible”.
His outstretched gloved hand beckoned from beyond my window. His eyes twinkled like the distant stars i always dreamed of so many nights before. I knew there was no turning back, this room held nothing for me as i swung my eyes through and out the window. My hands flew out towards him, that was all he needed as my answer. My wish was coming through and i’ll never be the same.
My laughter was the only part of me left in the darkened room as i jumped out the window. Adventure. My only thought in this twinkling night, with the most evocative man.

A post in response to Picture Prompt #2 by The Daily Prompt Alternative.

Image courtesy The Daily Prompt Alternative.


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