Hot sweltering peaceful summer, a sigh floats off my content lips. 160 degree prone on the warm deck chair, the distance cries of laughter seep through my sleep drawn ears. OMMPH, is all i could muster.
The pain of ground slaps my eyes open. without a thought i scream. “MEGAN What have i told you about running on the deck”.
Whimpering and hiding behind my dirt orange brief flower pots, wide sea- green eyes greet my anger pout. Megan whimpers and in a bounce of red curls disappears.

“I shouldn’t be angry with her”,I half say to myself.

After all not less 3 weeks ago she was indoors with a nasty bug, with snow blistered grounds to cheer her up. Scanning the wide dew fresh lawn i spot red curls behind a wide aged oak. Creeping with panther stealth towards the mass of red. i pause on the other side of the tree. “whoosh” with a fit of tickles, laughter and lots of rolling i boom in my best scary voice, Peek-a-boo.

Written for The Blog Propellant: Picture Prompt 3


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