Love in the cardboard box

…Drip, Drip goes the sound of rain, the second today, staring at the wet spots growing on our little cardboard ceiling, I can’t help but think will our home last the night.
I shiver involuntarily remembering how the cold wet night will feel, I laugh; dreading that outcome seemed so pointless if it came then ill face it.
Staring down at her in my arms dregs of wistful thoughts are pushed aside as she turns fitfully in my arms. I move my legs a bit making more room in this cramp but she awakens anyway.
She turns to face me, she is pretty in a simple way wearing a worn old jacket and boy jeans, with a dust coloured thin blanket salvaged from a lucky dumpster dive wrapped around her.

Derrick, the first word from her pale pink lips; what time is it? It’s 8:15 lisa,I respond wistfully.

Are you hungry Lisa? She nods yes with a sad smile, afraid to ask for she knows that this would not be an easy night.

Runaways, I and Lisa ; we stumbled into this town 6 days ago still so happy and naive about what running away really meant. The dazzle of the night life of Chicago, every street throbbing with the bustle of people as they went around the bright lights and open doors.
We had what could have passed for some money in our little hometown, arriving here changed all that; we had a enough for a single small room in an old motel for a day or so and some change for 4 meals.
We had thought in our haze of love, getting a waiting job wouldn’t be so hard and we would start our life there one little job at a time. Unfortunately for us plans don’t always turn out the right way.
And so here we are on our seventh night in Chicago huddling at the back of a restaurant under a cardboard ceiling on a wet cold night.
Brushing all thoughts aside we pack up our mobile home, brush off the water drops in our hair as we stare out into night. All ready and packed we face our first door of the night, the rear kitchen door of the restaurant wall we leaned on for warmth moments before. I Knock, then move back waiting and praying they will show some more mercy to us.
Thoughts linger on my mind; would our naive love survive, maybe we should abandon this illusion and simply go back home.
If only it were that simple.

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