Skeleton landscape

Skeleton Landscape

My breathe comes in shallow bursts, each draw giving my brain clarity, the shadow claws of pain lingering,
waiting, waiting for me to be fully conscious.
I look up into the dazzlingly light, having no need to see my sticky, wet hands against my open side. Suddenly it’s dark and eerie quiet, straining my hearing as my eyes go dark. I know there was a chopper close by scanning for survivors. Its lights awoke me from the darkness.

Resting against the overturned truck I feel fresh blood pouring through my wet fingers, I felt him before I saw him, turning my head to look into his eyes. My eyes greet the barrel of his semi-automtic. A last moment of awakening dawns on me. Sweeping the landscape once more and I see bodies till the horizon.
Burnt, charred, slashed and unidentifiable. A chuckle erupts as I realise I’m the one dead man amongst the dead. That wide grin is my one last free motion as I free fall to earth, the bodies of my comrades a throne for me, propping me up as my brain drains away.
I’m sitted amongst the dead as king but I’m a dead man.

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