Break Point

Break Point

Breathe, breathe frail body of mine. Lying down staring into my heart I can see my life in view. So like a surgeon I zoom into those moments I need to disentangle.
Music floats in and out of my mind easing the momentary pain of reaching in to sever these acursed bonds that have form once more, no one but I can hurt and ease my pain……River by Imagine Dragons…so nostalgic yet so new I can feel my pain numb at the words that float through my mind, sleep come and keep me company it’s what I desire so badly now.

…….I stand,hazingly looking into my face in the mirror, I can see my bed in the reflection, the room so dark, so befitting of the serious thoughts and actions in my head.
….00:17, says the time on my dim phone screen; a new day it is. My mind curtains draw up revealing the new act I must portray…a heart devoid of feelings and attachments, after all what does not declare itself to be mine, will never be mine no matter the scheme.

Good Morning S.


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