Love In Ten Sentences: Tainted Love

Tainted Love

Love, painful and sweet
Its blooms so lovely
Rosy red, vivid love
Caress carefully love’s petals
Or shattered love stains
Your caring lovely hands
Poisoning your lovely heart
To hate love’s blooms
For what love did
To your lovely heart

This post is in response to a challenge proposed to me by a fellow poetry – loving blogger Terry B.
 This is a quote i like on love;
“The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain.” – Anonymous 
I would love to nominate two bloggers to join me, of course no pressure if you don’t want to.

Deanne’s World
Poetry and Idealism

The challenge goes like this ;
if you would like to share your thoughts on love,make a post titled Love In Ten Sentences.use ten lines,four words in each line,include the word love in each line.and add your favorite quote on love.Then list and contact ten or so bloggers to share their thoughts on love.Include links to their blog and instructions on how to participate.And have fun sharing the love!

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