Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes
Sitting under the grey steel pavilion
Facing the dust brown parade ground
He looks over the restless sea of green snap-backs
Focused brown eyes
Short black curly hair peeps from under his green snap-back
Damp white corper t-shirt
His eyes unwavering at the speaker on the podium
A shift in the atmosphere,
His eyes smack into mine
The din blurs, three seconds is all I got
I felt vertigo, I felt like I was falling
Falling and falling
Reaching for a hold I knew I lost the minute I looked
Slamming into the ground hard, I blink
The link severed, reality opened her arms wide embracing me
For a minute my heart was in my hand
Bleeding, beating, throbbing
So alive and broken
If time had stopped I would have been heartless but euphoric
Needing no blood, but the feeling of vertigo so strong
But time didn’t stop
So I sewed my heart back into its waiting chamber with the fragile strings of reason I could manage

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