Help Me Lose My Mind

Help Me Lose My Mind
Gleaming night gems beckon just at the tip of the slope
Silhouettes walk to and fro
Making my allure rise and fade
Do I go, don’t I go

I’ve been waiting for the blistering sun to set
Night hides and soothe, enjoying you to let go
I can see the white plumes, the smells and the sensations of heat, light and noise
The heart of the mammy market throbs each night
Swallowing all and sundry
Those looking for nourishment
Those in need of an escape from reality
Those in need of communication
The feeling of being at the center, the euphoria of being in the know
I seek the belly of this beast tonight for the electricity she provides
Walking through the maze of tents, I pass corpers
Cooks and sellers
Haggling and hustling for the throng of restless minds
That search for their needs in this gleaming silhouette sprouting monster that lies in wait at sundown

Inspired by Disclosure Ft London Grammar – Help me lose my mind

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